What Is Involved in Drug Testing in Suffolk County, NY?

If you hear about MRO services during a drug test, MRO refers to a medical review officer – the regular point of contact between everyone participating in a drug test. These participants include the donor, the test lab, the collector, and the employer.

Complying with the Federal Law

Therefore, drug testing, such as that initiated by Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialist, Consulting & Testing Inc. can become quite extensive. This is especially true when MRO services are involved. These services must comply with the guidelines set forth by the Health and Human Services (HHS) department in the United States.

What MRO Services Entail

For example, MRO drug testing in Suffolk County, NY involves reviewing all specimens that come back positive, substituted, adulterated, invalid, or those refused for testing. A confirmed report is made to the employer or a federal agency. Services also include discussing possible invalid results with the lab to find out whether more testing at another facility is needed.

Reporting the Findings

MRO drug testing services includes performing an initial review of any issues determined with the testing process and reporting the findings to a regulatory agency or employer. These kinds of services are also done to track the occurrence of mistakes so responsible parties, located nearby, can take the proper actions to prevent a recurrence.

Reduce Your Company’s Liability

This type of service provides valuable drug consulting and verification for employers close to the facility, as well as federal agencies. That is why this kind of service cannot be undervalued. By including a Medical Review Office, or MRO services, your company or agency can comply with DOT, and state and federal laws, and will experience reduced liability in your drug assessment program. By taking this type of step, you can make great strides in providing a workplace environment that is safe and free of drugs.

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