What Should Your Child Be Learning in Preschool in Newton NJ?

Enrolling your child in the right preschool Newton NJ can help him prepare both emotionally and intellectually for Kindergarten. During the first five years of life children have basic needs for proper growth and development including love, nutrition, health, social and emotional security. We all know that the preschool years are your child’s most formative years, but what is it exactly that he should be learning at preschool? If you do some reading and research and find out what things he should be learning, you can be on the lookout for a preschool program with this curriculum.

One of the most important skills your child will learn at an Newton NJ, preschool is how to work well and get along with others. This is a skill your child will use throughout his life. He will be the most successful in school with the preschool instruction given in learning how to relate to his peers. Activities that involve sharing and mutual respect will help him learn this important concept.

A quality preschool program will also incorporate physical activity and exercise into the daily routine. Preschoolers need exercise – maybe even more than older children. They are just learning to control and coordinate movement in the arms and legs. Physical activities than include running, jumping, climbing, throwing and dancing will help with this. For small muscle coordination in the fingers and hands, coloring, cutting with scissors and putting together puzzles are great activities.

Encouraging curiosity and the desire to learn is of utmost importance to a preschooler’s development. You know that your child is constantly asking “why this” and “why that.” This is part of a natural curiosity and should always be encouraged. A good preschool program will explore the “whys” of things and help your child develop his sense of wanting to learn more about the world around him.

Reading is also very important to preschool learning. Even though your child may not be able to read, he should be read to every day. He may not understand everything he hears but will begin to learn more about language, conceptualizing and understanding word meanings. The reading experience should a relaxed time, fun and enjoyable for the child.

A well-rounded home and social life will help your preschooler develop and prepare for school. In addition to a quality Newton NJ preschool educational program, make sure he is getting proper nutrition at home, plenty of rest and regular medical checkups. Invest a little time into making sure you give your child the very best preschool learning environment possible. The rewards will pay off well into the future for you and your child.

Do your research to find the best Newton NJ preschool available. Preschoolers are developing emotionally and intellectually and need the proper environment to learn. Sparkles! Child Care has before and after-school programs for children ages infant through twelve years of age. The center offers free registration, full-time and part-time programs, extended hours, catered USDA approved meals, kindergarten readiness programs and Internet camera viewing capabilities. For more information about us visit website www.alpinemontessori.com.

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