What To Expect From A Residential Roof Replacement In Fort Collins, CO

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Roofing

Colorado homeowners expect excellence whenever they hire repair or maintenance services. They expect the same high level of quality when they schedule the replacement of their roofing. After all, the roofing materials are the first line of defense against storm damage and water leaks.

A residential roof replacement in Fort Collins CO mitigates potential risks associated with high winds and high volumes of precipitation.

Assessment of Slope and Property Framing

The roofing contractor evaluates the slope of the roof and the property framing. This task helps them determine what materials are right for the property. If the slope of the roof doesn’t allow for proper draining of water, the contractor must build up the materials to achieve this requirement. This requires additional materials with certain choices such as asphalt. This could increase the total cost of the roofing materials for the homeowner.

The property framing determines the force in which it can support adequately. If the framing isn’t reinforced with strong metals, it won’t provide adequate support for heavier roofing materials. When this is the case, the homeowner shouldn’t choose materials such as slate or stone.

Full Estimate for the Replacement

The contractor provides a full estimate for the replacement. This includes the total cost of materials and labor. This price is based on all selections made by the homeowner. Itemized estimates show the homeowner the exact cost of each selection.

Full Inspection to Establish Compliance with Building Codes

Select homeowners are required to get a permit for any home improvement projects they choose. With these permit requirements, the contractor is required to schedule building code inspections. Roofing contractors manage these requirements to ensure that the installation meets all building codes and safety regulations. If any errors are present, the contractor must remedy them without extra charges.

Colorado homeowners take steps to secure excellent repair and installation services for their property. They take the same measures when replacing their roofing design. Their choices in relation to this fixture could determine the protection level achieved. Homeowners who need residential roof replacement should contact CCG Roofing & Project management today to schedule these services.

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