What You Should Expect When You Visit a Pediatric Neurologist in NJ

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Health

Pediatric neurologists treat a variety of conditions affecting the nervous system among children. Since children have unique needs, these neurologists are trained to offer assistance to child-specific conditions. Some of the common conditions that neurologists treat include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, degenerative neurological conditions, migraines, and traumatic brain injury, to name a few. If your child is referred to a pediatric neurologist in NJ, here are things you should expect:

Mental Examination

Depending on your child’s age and behaviors, your neurologists may decide to examine their mental well-being. This entails assessing their level of awareness and comprehension. Also, the doctor will check the child’s reaction to their immediate environment. For older children, the doctor may want to monitor their speech and to see whether they are sensible.

Cranial Nerve Examination

Depending on the child’s condition, the doctor may want to examine the 12 main cranial nerves that are attached to the brain. Since the cranial nerves facilitate communication between the brain and the body, it can help determine a child’s condition.

Muscle Reflexes Examination

The muscle reflex examination helps determine whether the child has a spinal injury. This test is usually done using a reflex hammer either on the elbow or knee to test the reflex arc.

Other common examinations you should expect include balance and coordination, sensory tests, motor function, and infantile reflexes. If you want the best pediatric neurologist in NJ, contact Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures or visit our site at https://www.neurocenternj.com.

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