What You Should Know About the Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA

When you have lost or missing teeth, chances are you are looking for a way to replace them and restore your smile. Implants are the ideal long-term option to replacing your lost teeth, but they are not cheap. However, the Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA is well worth the investment for the following reasons.

Better than Dentures or Bridges

Implants, dentures and bridges all replace any lost or missing teeth you have. A bridge requires that two adjoining teeth are filed, which may make them weaker and also more susceptible to decay. Dentures can have issues with a proper fit and may interfere with your ability to taste food. When you choose an implant, your dentist will insert a titanium screw in your jawbone and then a prosthetic tooth will be attached. When the implant is applied properly, there are no physical downsides and when properly cared for it can last a lifetime.

Higher Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA

The main disadvantage of dental implants is the cost. Insurance policies rarely cover this cost of these dental applications. In most cases, dentists charge between $3,000 and $4,500 for one tooth. Some, but not all dentists will refer patients to prosthodontists, periodontists or oral surgeons. Dr. Timmerman provides Dental Implants in his office. However, if you need a dental implant that is near your sinus cavity or a nerve, he may refer you to a dental surgeon that has experience in more difficult or extensive procedures.

Not all Implants are the Same

The majority of dentists will use implants that are made by the original manufacturer and these implants have a much higher rate of success. There are also some generic implants that are a bit cheaper, but they may not have the studies to back their success. You should discuss with your dentist what they use and the success rate they have had.

For most people, the Cost of Dental Implants is well worth the investment to restore their smile and replace any missing or lost teeth. The implant can also help prevent other dental issues such as decay and the reduction of your jawbone.

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