What You Should Know Before Considering Pain Relieving Tinctures

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Shopping

As more people are getting into natural remedies and cures, there have been a number of ways to relieve pain that do not require the use of prescription drugs. In fact, many people have begun making pain-relieving tinctures right at home by using certain herbs. As of late, one of the more popular pain management treatments has been the use of CBD oil, and here’s why.

Fast Acting and Easy to Take

When it comes to traditional pain management, depending on your ailments, you might have multiple pills that you are required to take daily. With a tincture, such as CBD oil, you can simply place a drop of liquid under your tongue, and just let the medicine do its job. Although CBD oil is being widely used, there are still many other herbs that have been helping people manage their pain for hundreds of years.

The Cure Might Be in Your Kitchen

Herbs that you wouldn’t give a second thought to outside of season your food can do more than just make your meal taste yummy. Turmeric, for instance, although popular in Mediterranean dishes, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have revealed that this simple little spice has positively impacted knee pain that was due to osteoarthritis.

When making your own pain relieving tinctures, you are to soak the herbs in vinegar or alcohol so as to release all of the medicinal properties. There are certain measurements that you must follow depending on the type of herbs used, however, there are lots of recipes that can be found online.

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