When to Call for Emergency Tree Services in Atlanta GA

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Tree Service

Damaged and fallen trees can present serious safety issues to structures and people nearby. That is why it is so important to call for emergency tree services if a tree is unstable in any way. Some of the signs that it is necessary to call for this service can be found here.

If the Tree is Sick

The damage that results from tree diseases is one of the most common reasons that people require emergency tree removal services. If the problem persists, there are some diseases that can cause the tree to become unstable or that may even kill the tree in question. If any of the trees are hollow, leaning, appear unhealthy or have dead branches, then it is a good idea to contact an arborist or professional tree service to look at it and determine what should be done.

After a Storm

Heavy rain and wind can take a toll on trees. If the area has suffered through a severe storm, then it is wise to evaluate the property for any signs of damage to the trees. If any of the trees have suffered any broken branches, look like they are leaning to one side or have fallen against another tree, then it is going to be necessary to call for emergency tree services in Atlanta GA. The professionals will be able to determine if the branches need to be cut or if the tree should be completely removed. Taking care of these issues is critical to protecting property and people.

After Rainy Weather

While storms can be quite damaging, rainy weather can be equally problematic. If quite a bit of rain falls, then it may contribute to soil erosion. Wet conditions and flooding can also cause the soil to wash away, which will affect the stability of the trees in the yard. If heavy rain or flooding occurs, take some time to inspect the trees and see if any damage has occurred.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by calling for professional tree services. If damage is present, it can be quite dangerous to leave a tree in place.

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