Which Type of Wine Rack is Right for Your Space?

Wine bottles are as beautiful as they are full of delight for wine lovers. They are the kind of things that deserve display while they are waiting to be enjoyed – and that is exactly why so many people invest in wine storage for their homes.

Interested in adding wine storage to your home that looks as good as it functions? You have plenty of options!

Tabletop Wine Racks

For some people, nothing more than a tabletop wine rack is necessary. If you enjoy drinking your bottles nearly as quickly as you purchase them, this is probably the best option for you. There are many varieties, and you can add these storage racks to any table, counter, or shelf you already have. Select a beautiful wooden or carved stone model to really impress your guests!

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

If you have a larger collection of bottles – or hope to acquire more as you continue collecting – it might be worth investing in a wall-mounted rack. This type of shelving can take many forms, from in-built corner racks to racks mounted on nearly any wall that has room to spare. Adding one of these can transform any corner or wall into a double-duty display in no time.

Free-Standing Wine Storage Racks

When most people think of wine storage racks, they think of the wooden, metal, or composite racks that stand on their own feet. These racks are great for adding to a kitchen or dining area, or for adding storage to an existing bar or wine cellar. Choose between sturdy metal racks, affordable composite models, or beautiful all-wood shelving for your favorite bottles.

Custom Wine Racks

Want something truly your own? Have your wine racks custom made! Adding a custom wine rack installation to your home can take your wine collection from a cellar to a showstopper – and ensures that your bottles are never out of place!

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