Why Organic Food Matters and Where to Find It in Salt Lake City

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Food and Drink, Healthcare Related

You may have heard of the organic food trend, but do you truly know why it has become so popular?

Many assume that buying organic food is for “hipsters” or “crunchy moms”, but the truth is that buying natural whole foods plays a dramatic role in our health, our environment, our livestock and our future generations. Read on to find out more about how the food we eat affects our world and the way we live.

What Is Organic Food?

Organic food is food that has been produced in the most natural way possible. This means that the product you are purchasing, whether produce or otherwise, has to adhere to strict guidelines to be considered organic. This typically restricts the use of synthetic chemicals in fertilizer, prohibits the conventional use of pesticides and usually forbids the use of artificial dyes and chemicals.

It is important to note that organic standards vary across the globe, and as a result, some regions may be more strict concerning organic policy than others. You should also note that all items labeled organic must also be non-GMO, also known as genetically modified organisms, by organic standards.

Why Should I Buy Organic Food?

As previously mentioned, organic food is meant to be produced in the most natural way possible. As a result, the organic products you purchase at your local organic food store in Salt Lake City may appear more ruddy, small and may even be less attractive looking than their conventional counterparts.

The reasoning for this, however, is vital. The reason your conventional products often look so clean and shiny on shelves is because they are often treated with synthetic dyes, chemicals and waxes to make them appear more attractive. Moreover, they are likely GMO which is why the size of the product may be significantly larger than your organically produced product. This is even true of the “fresh” produce at your local market.

Here are a few additional reasons you may consider buying your food organic:

  • Organic Food Is Healthier
  • Organic Food Generally Tastes Better
  • Organic Foods Build Strong Bodies and Babies
  • Organic Foods Help Protect Livestock
  • Organic Food Is Slowly Becoming More Affordable


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