Why You Need to Use CFA Study Materials

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Education

Every CFA exam is challenging and uses a computerized approach to assess your understanding of the program’s curriculum. The current CFA pass rates show that program candidates have recently faced difficulty with the Level 1 CFA exams. You should start using CFA study materials to improve your chances of passing each exam.

Are the Mock Exams More Difficult Than the Actual Exam?

Some people find that CFA practice tests are a little harder than the real thing because the candidates are still studying for them. Most of the time, the best practice tests are made to look and feel like the real test. If candidates are doing well on mock tests and getting good scores, it means they are ready for the real CFA exam.

Passing the CFA Exams

It takes a great deal of discipline and study time to pass all three of the CFA exams. When you can take each exam varies, as each level is only offered so many times a year. Level 1 is offered four times, Level 2 is offered three times, and Level 3 is only offered twice a year.

The tests can be taken as many times as necessary, but most people need to study for more than 300 hours for each one. Numerous candidates decide not to continue with the CFA program after failing one level because of how much time they spend studying. These exams are hard, but having a plan in place that uses CFA study materials can help.

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