Windshield Repair in Cherry Hill, NJ: Understanding Your Options

Windshield cracks and chips happen every day. Some result from unseen damage already in place while others stem from flying rocks and additional hazards of the road. Regardless of the cause, prompt repairs are the key to preventing further damage or being ticketed for driving around with an obstructed view. Several options are available when it comes to Windshield Repair in Cherry Hill NJ, with each one appropriate for specific situations.

The Super Glue Method

In some cases, small cracks and chips can be repaired using something as simple as a few drops of Super Glue. Don a pair of latex gloves, work the glue into the damaged area with your fingertips, and let the vehicle sit until the glue dries. This approach should only be used for shallow, tiny chips or cracks, as in those smaller than the width of a dime. The tactic is not effective for more extensive damage and is, at best, a temporary fix.

DIY Repair Kits

Kits are available in any number of stores to help with Windshield Repair in Cherry Hill NJ, and they can be useful under the right circumstances. They involve infusing a crack or chip with a clear resin, which makes the damage less visible and keeps it from spreading. These kits are only effective if used properly. Some of them require drilling a small hole in the glass before applying, and this could easily lead to more extensive damage.

Professional Repair Shops

Home remedies and DIY kits aren’t always the best options. Professionals like those at South Jersey Glass & Door have a number of repair solutions at their disposal. They’re also well-versed in how to use them properly and know how to determine if a windshield is beyond repair. This route may be a bit more expensive than the other alternatives in terms of upfront costs, but it could prevent further expenses in the long run.

From glue to fingernail polish and clear tape to filler pens and over-the-counter chip repair kits, plenty of options are available to those who find themselves looking at the world through a broken windshield. Some are certainly more effective and practical than others. In most cases, though, it’s best to seek help from the professionals. Click here to schedule a repair appointment.

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