Common Details You Can Expect When You Need an MRI Scan Performed

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Health & Medical

An MRI is often ordered if your doctor has questions about your health and can’t get answers after an X-ray or other routine tests are performed. The scan usually doesn’t take long to complete, and there are very few things you need to do to prepare for the appointment. Here are a few details about an MRI scan from Orange Park, FL, to keep in mind so that you have a better understanding of what to expect.


You’ll usually be given an appointment for your scan. Sometimes, your doctor might not want you to eat or drink anything for a few hours before the scan depending on the area of the body that will be examined or the concerns that your doctor is looking for with the test. Try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment so that you can complete any paperwork and provide your insurance information.

Clothing and Valuables

When you have an MRI scan in Orange Park, FL, you can usually keep your clothing on instead of changing into a gown since the scan doesn’t take long to complete. However, you should leave valuables with someone who is with you at the appointment or in a secure bag until the scan is over. Let the technician know if you have any tattoos or if you have any permanent metallic components, including joint replacements or a pacemaker.


Your doctor will usually know the results of your scan later the same day or the next day. Once your scan is reviewed, any treatments needed can begin so that health issues can be dealt with promptly.

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