Why You Need A SSD Lawyer In Bethlehem

by | May 28, 2020 | Law Services

In Bethlehem, Social Security Disability benefits are provided to individuals who haven’t worked or had to stop working due to a disability. The condition is either physical or mental and stops the claimant from working anywhere. An SSD Lawyer Bethlehem assists any claimant who was denied the benefits.

Establishing Why the Claim was Denied

First, the attorney reviews the documentation and establishes why the claim was denied. The Social Security Administration gives an exact reason for the denial as outlined in Social Security Disability laws. The attorney reviews the reason and determines if the reason complies with the most recent laws.

Finding Out What is Missing

When reviewing the case, the attorney determines what information is missing. A more viable claim includes all medical records for the claimant’s condition. The records start on the day in which the claimant was diagnosed by their doctor. The files show exactly how the condition affects the claimant and how big of an impact it has on their ability to work.

Creating a More Viable Case

The claimant has the right to include their doctor in the case. The doctor provides detailed information about the patient’s condition. When testifying, the doctor answers questions about the claimant’s prognosis. The opposition tries to establish that the condition is curable in order to deny the claim. It is up to the doctor and the medical files to show that it is a permanent condition that lasts longer than one year.

What is Possible if the Claimant Wins?

If the claimant wins, then they receive Social Security Disability Benefits. By taking the case to court, the claimant is entitled to back-pay that starts on the day in which they were diagnosed. If they win, then the claimant receives a lump sum payment for the back-pay.

In Bethlehem, Social Security Disability benefits are available to all eligible claimants. The benefits offer financial assistance for individuals who can’t work due to a disability. The programs require medical records that substantiate the individual’s claim. Disabled individuals who were denied the benefits contact an SSD Lawyer Bethlehem through Leventhal, Sutton & Gornstein and set up an appointment right now.

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