Custom Wood Acoustic Tiles Makes Your US Public Space Unique

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Home Improvement

To set your business or public space apart, install custom wood acoustic tiles. They are expensive, but, they’ll create a unique environment your visitors will love returning to.

Wooden acoustic tiles not only create a pleasant sound environment but also shape the visual environment. Foam or fiber acoustic tiles are obvious and ugly. But, wood acoustic tiles for both ceilings and walls are undeniably beautiful.

The most unique custom wood acoustic tiles you can find are curved; these can be formed into sensuous waves, dramatic arches, or woven like ribbons. The effect on a ceiling is dramatic and softens straight walls into waves.

Some wood acoustic panels are also made of rows of slats or planks. These can also be shaped into waves and curves. Another style of wooden acoustic tile is open-ended cubes or boxes, arranged as a grid. The creative possibilities of wood acoustic tiles and panels are nearly endless.

The customization of wooden acoustic tiles also includes choosing a custom hardwood and finish. You’ll be able to choose between several different hardwoods and nearly a dozen different finishes. You can choose wood bleached to nearly white, deep cherry, golden oak, or the darkest ebony.

A designer and an engineer will work with you to design the perfect wood acoustic system for your space. The result is well worth the extra effort and cost. Visitors will want to return to your public space or business, again and again.

Visit Rulon International for fabulous custom wood acoustic systems.

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