Quartz Countertops: An Alternative to Marble and Granite

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Construction and Maintenance

The most commonly talked about countertops are those made from marble and granite. However, these are not the sole materials from which a kitchen or bathroom countertop is constructed. An alternative is quartz. This material has found its way into many of the high-end kitchens in fashionable residences in Bloomington MN.

Why Choose Quartz?

There is no doubt quartz countertops are expensive. It is more costly than either granite or marble ones. However, its attraction extends far beyond price. It has numerous qualities that make it a favorite across America.

This material is

Beautiful: It is often stunningly so
Stylish: Quartz is obtainable in different patterns
Variety: It is available in diverse colors and textures such as pure white, chocolate brown, pink and blue
Versatile: Quartz countertops suit any room and can serve multiple uses
Non-porous: This eliminates the need for sealants
Extremely durable: Robust against spills, heat quartz countertops withstand the usual wear and tear

These characteristics make quartz an ideal material for countertops – whether it is for a bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in your home

Quartz Countertops: Why Choose Any Other Material

No matter how you visualize the style and design of your kitchen or bathroom in Bloomington MN, you are sure to find a quartz countertop that meets your ideal. More expensive than either granite or marble, it comes with its own panache. Elegant, yet durable, it is sure to become the center of attraction in your kitchen and draw admiring glances for all who see it.

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