Dental Bridges in Hattiesburg MS: A Suitable Option for Younger Teenagers

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Dental Care

When a younger teenager has a couple of teeth knocked during athletic activity, the parents and this young person may expect a dentist to replace the teeth with dental implants. Dentists will not do this until the patient reaches an age when the mouth is fully developed, which usually is not the case until the person is 17 or 18 years old. Dental Bridges in Hattiesburg MS are used in the meantime.

A Cosmetically Attractive Smile

The adults by now may have heard a fair amount of information about the advantages of dental implants compared with bridges, and they may feel a bit distressed that their son or daughter cannot have this procedure done for a few years. They may worry about the possibility of bone loss in the area where no teeth roots are present.

The jawbone may lose a small amount of bone density during these years, but the effect will not be significant. The number of missing teeth is very small, and the person has age on his or her side. Wearing Dental Bridges in Hattiesburg MS will allow the boy or girl to have a cosmetically attractive smile until implants can be placed.

Financial Advantages of Waiting

A financial advantage might be considered as well. Dental implants cost substantially more than bridges placed at a facility like Midtown Dental Clinic. Dental insurance usually does not pay for this treatment. The parents have time to save money for the implant procedure instead of dipping into savings, taking out a loan or using a credit card. Many adults cannot afford to get implants immediately when they have teeth extracted or knocked out, and they wear a bridge or dentures until they have the money available.

Still a Common Choice for Dental Patients

Dental implants are considered an improvement over other types of false teeth, but bridges and dentures are still chosen by thousands of individuals every year. The teenager and his or her parents can look forward to a dentist placing the implants by the time the patient reaches the late teens. Browse our website to learn about one particular dental clinic.

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