Don’t Ignore A Wet Basement in Baltimore

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

People purchasing new homes or existing homes need to make sure the basements are dry and waterproof before the purchase is complete. if a family is already living in a home with a damp or wet basement, they should get it inspected and hire a waterproofing company to waterproof the basement. A Wet Basement in Baltimore is not usable space. but fry it out ad waterproof it and the family gains valuable living and storage space and adds value to the home.

Why Are Basements Wet?

The house basement can have moisture problems for different reasons. Some basements are damp in the laundry and bathroom areas because of a lack of ventilation. Once the dampness and any mold are taken care of, the problem can be solved with a ventilation system. A dry room will be healthier and more pleasant to use.

The basement floor could be causing the Wet Basement in Baltimore. If the water table is high around the home’s foundation, water could force itself into the basement due to hydro-static pressure. Some homes require a sump pump and an in-floor drainage system to collect water and carry it away from the home.

The basement walls could have cracks and holes that allow water to leak in. The builder might not have waterproofed the outside surfaces of the walls properly. The contractor could have improperly graded the lot so that the water runs toward the house instead of away from it. An expert can decide what the root causes of having a wet basement are.

Fixing Problems

An improperly installed gutter system or no gutter system may allow runoff from the roof to pool along the home foundation. Repairing or replacing a good gutter system can redirect rainwater on the roof to a drainage system.

In serious cases, the ground at the base of the home may need to be dug up to expose exterior foundation walls so they can be waterproofed and a drainage system can be added. If this is not possible, the outer interior edges of the foundation walls may need to be excavated and interior drainage and sump pump systems added to deal with the water problem.

In some homes, the problems are minor cracks and foundation walls that are too porous. Patching holes and cracks and applying a waterproof coating may be the correct treatment. Contact Armored Basement Waterproofing for a free inspection.

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