FAQ About A Business Security Camera System in Bowling Green, KY

When you own a business, there are different things to consider when it comes to safety. You have to think about the safety of your customers and employees if there’s a fire in the building. You also have to keep your business and property safe from thieves and dishonest employees. Below, you’ll discover frequently asked questions and the answers about installing a Security Camera System in Bowling Green, KY.

Q.) What types of security systems are used to monitor employees?

A.) When you have employees working at cash registers, you can have a qualified security company install surveillance cameras at each register. Video surveillance monitors every transaction that’s made in your store. Employees who may be tempted to steal money will be dissuaded if there’s a camera nearby. An employee who does steal will be caught on camera, so you’ll have the proof that you need. For extra security, place cameras in your storeroom and in each aisle of your store. Surveillance cameras mounted in your store not only keeps your employees honest, but also discourage shoplifters frhttp://www.sonitrolky.com/bowling-green-ky/om stealing your goods.

Q.) How does a monitored fire alarm system work?

A.) When you have a monitored fire alarm and a fire breaks out in your store, the alarm system will send a signal to the monitoring station. When the station receives the alarm at your address, the fire department is automatically dispatched to your location. By using a monitored fire alarm, the response time is quicker, which is essential when every second counts. If you want to test your fire alarm system, simply call the monitoring station to report you want to test your fire alarm. After testing your equipment, you’ll contact the monitoring center again to find out if your system is properly working. The monitoring system works the same way when you have a burglar alarm installed at your place of business. When the Business Security System detects a break in, the monitoring center and the proper authorities are notified.

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