How to Inspect a Used Tractor Before the Purchase Decision Is Made

When it comes time to either purchase your first tractor, an extra one, or a total replacement for what you have already owned, you are most likely going to be looking to purchase a used tractor. When that happens, remember these tips on what to look for before handing the money over.

Overall Appearance

A general rule of thumb to follow is if the tractor looks rough, then it probably runs rough. A well-maintained tractor almost always looks great in appearance as well. Of course, if there are only a few parts that need to be replaced, you can always purchase Massey Ferguson tractor parts to get it up and running again.


The next most important thing to inspect is the articulation. Always check this part for any sort of metal shavings. If there are shavings present, this means it has not been well-maintained and may be in need of major lubrication. The next thing you should do is start the tractor and take it for a short drive. If the steering seems a bit loose, it means there may be a bent pin. If the steering seems to be too tight, it means that the needs more grease or that the hydraulics need to be repaired.

Engine Compartment

As with all vehicles, no matter what purpose they are, you need to check underneath the hood to see if there any leaks coming from the engine. If there are, you need to make certain they can be easily repaired or that the parts replaced with Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts.

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