Four Guidepoints for First-Timers Exhibiting at a Trade Show

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Business

Jump week has arrived. Accommodations in the hotel are spacious and beautiful. How could they not be? This is the town where everything is larger than life. This is Las Vegas, Nevada. Remember, trade show exhibits in Las Vegas need to be as bold as the landscape. Below are a few tips for the first-time exhibitor to brace for success.


Reserve your housing as soon as you can commit to the show date. Booking early can reduce costs and reserve rooms. Look for hotels near the strip.


Become familiar with all communications with the show organizers. Whether by emails, phone calls, or standard post, stay abreast and respond immediately. This way you will know all your deadlines associated with payment, check-in, and publicity. Reserve your booth and register your group for exhibitor badges after signing the contract.


Submit your booth design long before it is due. Anticipating access to exhibit services, such as electrical and security, can make the difference when performing a demonstration. Become familiar with a trade show’s service manual, work rules, and building regulations regarding your set-up, performance, or emergencies.


The return on your investment at the trade show exhibits in Las Vegas may occur in the first few hours of exposition. To ensure that presence, look for marketing that benefits your customers as well as your prospects and ask about guest passes. Also, seek a show where you may sell a product directly from your booth.

A skill point to perfect before the show is developing additional marketing for your product and brand. Manning a booth at a trade show exhibits in Las Vegas is the beginning of a dynamic relationship. Developing goals to surpass the competition is a task in reliability. The struggle helps you stay in business and grow with a market.

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