What to Look for in a Reputable Commercial Sealcoating Contractor

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Contractors

If you’re looking for the best sealcoating experts to complete a project for a parking lot, it can be a challenge to find the right contractor to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the important aspects to consider when you’re looking for sealcoating services in Manchester, NH.

How Much Experience Does the Company Have?

If you’re looking for the best sealcoating services for a commercial property, experience is key. Find out how long the company has been in business and see if they can provide you with a portfolio of previously completed projects. The right contractor will also be able to provide you with a list of references you can contact who will vouch for the company. Working with a contractor that has plenty of experience will give you comfort in knowing that your sealcoating project is in the right hands.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Another factor in your decision should be the contractor’s Better Business Bureau rating. Make sure the contractor is protected from any false claims and doesn’t show signs of poor business practices. In short, if the company does a good job with every project, the BBB shouldn’t give out any red flags.

Free Estimates

A good contractor will also openly offer free estimates for their services before ever asking for payment. An estimate should give you a clear and accurate picture of the total cost of the project and keep nothing hidden from view that might otherwise surprise you when it’s time to pay.

Full Licensing

Make sure you ask for proof of licensing and investigate their claims to ensure that they are, in fact, licensed. This will further give you comfort in knowing that the contractor you choose is qualified for the job.

Taking all of these into consideration, you will be able to find the right sealcoating services in the Manchester, NH, area to complete your project on time and on budget.

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