Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance in Dayton, OH

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Dayton gets hot in the summer, so adequate air conditioning is a must for commercial property owners who want to ensure that their customers or clients are cool and happy. Read on to find some answers to frequently asked questions about the commercial air conditioner maintenance in Dayton OH HVAC companies provide to their customers.

Can Building Owners Perform Their Own Maintenance?

Some aspects of AC maintenance can be taken care of by property owners themselves. These minor tasks include changing air filters, keeping the area around their outdoor units clear of debris, and monitoring their monthly utility bills to ensure that their units are operating efficiently. These steps don’t replace professional maintenance, though, so stay on top of professional inspections too.

What Will the Technician Do During a Maintenance Visit?

An HVAC technician will do more than just look at the unit and change out its filters. He or she will also check and top off the refrigerant, inspect and clean the unit’s condenser coils and evaporator, check all the mechanical components and tighten them as needed, and clean out the drain line. Property owners shouldn’t attempt to perform this kind of specialized work themselves.

How Often Should AC Units Be Professionally Maintained?

Most experts recommend inspections and tune-ups either once or twice per year. Schedule a maintenance visit in the spring to prepare the unit for the summer, then schedule another one in the fall when the weather cools off. Consistently providing professional upkeep will avoid many problems and ensure that those issues that can’t be avoided are addressed as quickly as possible.

Is it Worth Scheduling Professional Maintenance Visits?

The short answer to this question is an emphatic yes. With professional commercial air conditioner maintenance in Dayton OH property owners don’t have to worry about whether their units will continue to function efficiently. They’ll also save money by addressing potentially serious issues as soon as they come up instead of waiting until they cause additional problems.

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