Here’s Why Placement of Mirrors in Your Home Can Be Key to Its Character

Mirrors are so much more important than just giving us a reflection of nicely brushed hair or a tie correctly tied. Mirror placement is key to the character of a room, which is why you may want to consider custom mirrors in the Chicago area to enhance your living space. Here are some tips homeowners for using mirrors in your home.

Natural Light

Can’t afford to add more windows to your home? Add custom mirrors from Chicago instead. Natural light is important for the Vitamin D it gives us, the mood-lifting it imparts, and of course, the ability to see. Placing a mirror in a dark corner of a room reflects natural light thus making the room look larger and brighter. If you have French doors leading into a room off a hall or entryway, for example, the dining room or the formal living room, replacing the glass in the doors with mirrors will not only make the hall or entryway look bigger, but it will reflect any natural light from the front door or windows in other rooms off the hall.


Lighting fixtures have evolved from flush-mount fixtures to pendant fixtures. Some are geometrical in shape, some are wildly imaginative, and some are overhead fixtures, like chandeliers. Properly sited custom mirrors reflect the light from all of these lighting fixtures, making a room brighter.

Small Spaces

Do you have a small bathroom, entrance or hallway, or perhaps a small living space such as one might find in a studio apartment? Have a custom mirror made to fit the small space. There are all kinds of tips to make a small space look larger, and custom mirrors are one of them.

Custom Furnishings

Many people having custom furnishings made such as hutches, china cabinets, or custom tables have them inset with mirrors. This adds a touch of elegance to the furniture as well as reflecting the light in the room.


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