Inequities in the Justice System Create a Greater Need for a Bail Bond in El Reno, OK

Some men and women believe there are different criminal justice systems in the United States. For instance, the legal system works differently depending on the amount of money in the defendant’s bank account. This applies from the moment bail is set. The person with money can pay cash bail but the one struggling financially may need a Bail Bond in El Reno OK.

There also are men and women who believe an additional dual criminal justice system is in force. One applies if a defendant is white and another applies if the person is black or Hispanic. Statistics indicate that judges are generally more likely to assign higher bail amounts to minority defendants. They are less likely to allow those defendants to be released without bail, a privilege known as being released on one’s own recognizance.

The Plea Bargain Problem

One troubling result of defendants being unable to afford cash bail is the increased tendency for them to accept a plea bargain more hurriedly than they might otherwise. Some of these defendants are innocent and plead guilty anyway. This is a more prevalent problem in states where bail bond agencies are not available.

Beginning the Release Process

When someone has been arrested and charged with criminal activity, the ability to be released with cash bail or a Bail Bond in El Reno OK feels imperative. The individual wants to start working with a defense attorney as soon as possible and also get back to work right away. Bail bonding agencies post surety bonds with the court after approving the application and collecting the service fee. The application process is typically completed by a relative or close friend while the defendant is still behind bars.

Bail Hearings

Men and women should understand that they have the right to counsel at a bail hearing if one is scheduled. For many offenses, bail is automatically set by the jurisdiction, but a judge generally sets bail when the allegation is a violent crime. After the bail amount is announced, a family member or friend of the defendant can contact an organization like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds.

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