How to Choose Safe Crib Bedding Sets in Green Bay, WI

Decorating for a baby is arguably one of the happiest jobs that parents have. What is cuter than tiny sheets, soft blankets, and baby animal prints? It is also fun to choose items that create style. However, careful parents need to look beyond appearances and consider what is best for their child’s welfare. Some commonly sold items are not safe. However, that doesn’t mean Crib Bedding Sets in Green Bay WI can’t have flair. Shoppers just need to choose items that are necessary and safe.

Safety Is the First Consideration

Many stores sell Crib Bedding Sets in Green Bay WI and some include soft items like toys and bumpers. New parents’ first instinct may be to put these things in their babies’ cribs because they seem soft and cushiony. However, studies show that almost any soft item except a fitted sheet can become a hazard. Guides like Consumer Affairs magazine warn against adding bumpers, foam wedges, or sleep positioners. It is very easy for infants to suffocate after becoming entangled with soft items in their cribs.

Stylish Bedding Can Be Safe

However, that doesn’t mean that parents must settle for bare, unattractive cribs. Stores that specialize in children’s clothes, furniture, and bedding offer a huge variety of colorful items that add flair. For example, buyers can browse sites like Lullabye Shop and follow a “Browse us” option to find dozens of choices. Many 3 piece sets include a fitted sheet, dust ruffle, and quilt. While the quilt should not go in the crib, it makes a warm outdoor wrap or comfortable crawling surface.

Baby-Friendly Bedding Consists of the Basics

All a baby’s bed needs is a few basic items to provide a safe, comfortable environment. Parents should invest in several fitted sheets. They are sold in a variety of cute colors and prints and are made from a range of fabrics. Shoppers also need at least two waterproof mattress pads that fit snugly over mattresses. Parents who are worried about keeping infants warm enough may want to consider a swaddle wrap that fits over a diaper or sleeper. There are also wearable blankets that allow babies to kick and stretch.

Items that go into a baby’s crib should never include toys, blankets, or other soft things because they are suffocation hazards. Bedding should consist of fitted sheets and mattress pads. Parents can also find wearable blankets or swaddle wraps that keep babies’ warm. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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