3 Cool Packing Tips and Hacks We’ve Picked Up From Our Birmingham Customers

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Moving Services

Everyone says moving is stressful. We’ve found that if those moving to a new house have a plan and stick to it, the whole move flows smoothly. As house movers in Birmingham, AL, we’ve picked up a few tips and hacks to help those packing out a house do so more efficiently and quickly. We hope they help.

1. Start Packing the Kitchen First

When you begin packing the kitchen, living and dining rooms first, you can use soft winter coats, blankets, towels, and other linens to wrap delicate things like china and crystal stemware. After using moving services in Birmingham, AL, plates upright instead of flat in the box to prevent chipping and cracks. Wrap drinking glasses in clean socks for extra padding.

Save paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls. They make great organizers for cords. Wrap the cord in a figure 8, tuck inside a cardboard tube, and tape the tube to the electronic item or small appliance it matches.

2. Pack Bathrooms Last

These are the most used rooms in the house and will be even on moving day. Have a box prepared and sitting on the counter. This box will contain things you’ll need at the new house and will go with you in the car. Remember to pack medicines, as moving services in Birmingham, AL, won’t allow them on the truck. Line the bottom of the box with the shower curtain and rings for use in the new house.

3. Wardrobe Boxes for Lights

Today’s homes are remodeled and/or built new with plenty of pendant lights. On moving day, hang these in their own wardrobe box on the wooden dowel. Pack plenty of Bubble Wrap and your own blankets around the fixture to prevent breakage. Be sure to hang your chandeliers in a well-packed wardrobe box. Your house movers in Birmingham, AL, will appreciate it. Please contact Crocker Moving Services L. L. C. at website to learn more moving tips.

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