Important Reasons to Hire an Experienced DWI Lawyer in Queens County NY

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Law Services

The state of New York has some of the strictest laws for driving while intoxicated. If you are arrested for and found guilty of this offense, you could face punishments like expensive fines, loss of your driving privileges and lengthy jail sentences.

You also could lose your job and forced to comply with probation or community service. To avoid the harshest penalties allowed in the state, you need to hire an experienced DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY to represent you.

Arguing Down the Charges

Even a first-time offense in New York can result in lengthy and costly penalties. When you were barely over the legal limit or did not harm anyone or anything during the commission of your DWI, you may not necessarily deserve being sent to jail or being forced to pay expensive fines.

Your DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY, can argue down the charges against you in court. The judge could decide to give you a lesser sentence like probation or community service. You also could be given the chance to complete an alcohol rehabilitation program in lieu of criminal penalties.

Appealing Your Sentence

If the judge does mete out the harshest penalties, you have the right to appeal them. Your lawyer can ask the court to review your case again and reach a different decision. Your appeal may warrant a lesser sentence instead of jail time or fines.

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