Working Behind the Scenes – From Land Surveying to Civil Engineers in Scranton, PA

Every so often, the general public might witness a worker on the side of the road or near a construction site wearing a top hat and a bright-colored vest while using what looks like a tall tripod holding a fancy camera. It may seem like a simple job, but what that worker is doing contributes to the safety of everyone around.

Land surveyors are essential before any development, construction, or building can occur. A land surveyor uses sophisticated technology to evaluate the surface of the land and what is going on below it. It’s their job to map land, catch potential problem areas (like sinkholes that could cause damage to a foundation), and record accurate measurements.

A land surveyor is responsible for recording all this information into a comprehensive report, which is then used by civil engineers to take over the next stage of development. The civil engineer applies their training and knowledge to assess the costs and timeline for a development project.

Without the thorough advice of the land surveyor, a civil engineer could make unfavorable plans that could later be extraordinarily costly or dangerous. Civil engineers are involved in every building or zoning project, from buildings and bridges to airplanes.

Civil engineers in Scranton, PA, work with land surveyors to ensure proper precautions are met for any development project. At JHA Companies, our civil engineers in Scranton, PA, have the expertise to handle the planning and designing of residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Visit our site to see a full list of our civil engineering services.

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