Multi-Discipline Electronic Parts Assembly for Multiple Industries

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Electronic Parts Supplier

Electronic parts assembly is a set of processes that meet the electronic-manufacturing needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural and consumer electronics industries. Manufacturing can include provider-consumer partnerships the drive custom solutions with high cost-efficiency.

Types of Assembly Services

Electronic assembly manufacturing comprises a combination of specific skills and experience. These skills and services extend to:

Printed Circuit Board Assembly – multi-layer, single-layer, LED, flexible and RoHS/lead-free designs for small to large-volume production with inline functional tests to IPC standards

Prototyping – competitively-priced and flexible solutions and fast turnarounds according to precise design specifications or entire redesigns.

Tooling and Injection Molding – rapid prototyping, tool fabrication, design and high-volume metal, plastic and insert-molding manufacturing. Also includes work on all thermoplastic types and rigid materials and flexible polymers and involves silk screening, plating and other secondary processes.

Cable Harness Assembly – custom and standard assembly, including insert/over molding and complex multi-connectors assembly, for a wide range of connectors and cable configurations in such industries as agriculture, industrial, commercial and consumer electronics.

Box-Builds and Turnkey Systems – integration of components, including plastic housings, printed circuit board assemblies and cable harnesses into sub and final assemblies in box-builds for implementation in manufacturing processes.

Full-Service Support
Support services for electronic parts assembly and manufacturing include:

• Prototyping and Production
• Quality Testing
• Procurement
• Just-in-Time Parts Manufacturing

Assembly for Multiple Applications
Electronic assembly manufacturing leverages expertise and knowledge in a range of processes, including component sourcing and final testing to meet companies’ manufacturing goals.

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