The 222972 Magazine Rack in Florida Is Great for Steel or Polymer Magazines

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Electronic Parts Supplier

The steel versus polymer debate for AR-15 magazines is a popular one. Some people have no preference when it comes to magazines, while other people have a clear favorite. Whichever magazines need storage, the 222972 magazine rack in Florida is an affordable, sturdy, and safe storage alternative.

Reasons People Choose Metal

Many shooting enthusiasts choose metal because of tradition. AR-15 magazines have traditionally been made of metal, so many people used metal magazines when they were learning to shoot those weapons. Modern metal magazines may have anti-tilt features that improve their reliability. Also, metal magazines are more durable than polymer magazines, especially when they are dropped, making them safer to use and store.

However, for many people, the preference for metal is because of the stronger feed lips. In polymer magazines, the feed lips often thin and crack, which eventually renders them unusable. Metal magazines have metal feed lips, which means they have a longer life span than polymer magazines.

Reasons People Choose Polymer

Many newer weapons are sold with polymer magazines, which means newer gun enthusiasts may have only used polymer magazines. There are several reasons for this preference in newer weapons. Polymer is lighter and less expensive than metal, making the magazines cheaper to buy and easier to carry than metal magazines. Also, polymers can be specially crafted with features like cut-outs or windows, which let people see, at a glance, how much ammunition is in a magazine.

The biggest downside to polymer is that is simply not as durable as metal. In addition to having problems with lip feeds, polymer magazines, which are often described as disposable, may be prone to thinning or cracks elsewhere on their bodies. Some polymer magazines have metal feed lips that provide a way of combining the durability of metal with the affordability and ease of transport of polymer magazines.

Store Either

The 222972 magazine rack in Florida is a versatile gun magazine rack that can store metal or polymer magazines. Designed of vinyl-coated steel, the magazine rack is sturdy enough to hold up to 10 fully loaded, metal 30-round magazines for the AR-15. Visit for Information or to explore other magazine storage options.

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