Plastic Blast Media – Purpose and Application

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Blasting

It can be challenged to clean both economically and quickly while at the same time remaining aware of production and environmental regulations. Plastic blast media utilized through blast equipment offers a solution to this challenge. Plastic media blasted onto a surface can clean quickly without damaging the surface. When plastic blast media is applied properly, soft materials and complex components are not damaged. Also, plastic media consists of non-toxic, completely cured, thermoset.

Application of Plastic Blast Media

Plastic blast media is a lightweight abrasive that is usually not as aggressive as alternative media. It is offered in various levels of hardness, making it the perfect option for projects such as mold cleaning, paint stripping, and automotive and aerospace applications.

Because the plastic particles used in plastic blast media are so lightweight, the blast equipment can apply the abrasive materials at high velocity, resulting in a very fast stripping process. The lightweight nature of the media is advantageous to eliminate coatings or other materials without inflicting damage to the underneath surface. This is especially true for more delicate and softer substrates. Dry blasting utilizes plastic blast media, leaving no warping or rust concerns behind. Regardless of whether you need to remove sealants, paint, powder coating, or mold, plastic media is a cost-effective and durable option.

Plastic blast media effectively removes pain from many different types of substrates, including aluminum, rubber, fiberglass, steel, and composites. Plastic abrasives combined with carefully selected media type and size, and carefully calculated air pressure, deliver time and cost benefits compared to other methods of stripping paint.

Plastic Media vs. Natural Media for Stripping

While there are benefits to both plastic and natural media, plastic media often completes the stripping process much faster. Also, plastic media used for abrasive stripping purposes keeps its sharp edges through its service life. On the other hand, natural media such as walnut shell will become round and no longer effectively cut. The lifecycle of plastic media is 4 to 5 times longer than natural media and it also strips at about 4 times the speed of natural media.

Plastic blast media is highly effective at stripping of surface coatings. The options are many when it comes to the surface coatings that may be successfully removed through this material and method.

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