Why Virginia Generic Baby Formula Is Just as Good as Name Brand

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Baby Food

As a new parent, you naturally want to provide the very best for your infant. This is what major brands are counting on and why they put forth so much effort into marketing to you. However, what you may not know is that generic store brands of baby formula are just as good as their name-brand counterparts, especially when you use baby formula coupons to purchase them. Here are a few ways that generic is just as good and perhaps even better than big brand versions.

Same Ingredients

No matter who the manufacturer is, any baby formula that is sold in the United States is held to the exact same high standard that the FDA demands. All generic brands will have the same basic nutritional standards and may even include a nutritional profile that goes beyond that.

Less Expensive

Baby formula can be expensive no matter what brand you buy. However, it is much more economical to purchase store brands versus name brands. One reason for this is that store brands do not have television advertising campaigns. They also do not provide pediatrician offices with free samples that are subsidized through higher retail pricing. Another great thing about store brands is that you can save additional money by using baby formula coupons.


Store brands offer the same variety of baby formulas that name brands do. For instance, there are generic versions of formulas that are more easily digestible, or that are made from soy.

If you want to buy formulas that are equal to name brands, look for formulas made by Perrigo Nutrition at https://www.storebrandformula.com.

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