Pre-Owned Horse Trailers in Jefferson County, MO Feature Slant-Load and Straight-Load Models

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Automotive

Safety should be your main concern when you select a horse trailer. Horse owners often argue about models that offer straight-load or slant-load capabilities. This specific factor is a matter of preference. Otherwise, a horse trailer should offer specific safety features.

Basic Safety Features Every Trailer Should Feature

For example, pre-owned horse trailers in Jefferson County, MO should display safety features, such as the following:

  • An interior free of sharp corners or edges
  • A non-slip ramp – low to the ground and long
  • A step-up feature – the horse should have enough room to turn or exit head first
  • Latches and chest bars and butt bars that can hold even the heaviest horse

Straight-Load Benefits

Pre-owned horse trailers with straight-load designs are usually taller in height and more open. The chest bars on the trailers prevent a horse from exiting the walk-out door for humans. The design also allows a horse to lower its head or breathe more easily.

Slant-Load Advantages

Slant-load pre-owned horse trailers enable the owner to turn the horse around so he or she can lead it out head first. Pushing dividers in the trailers are helpful, as they calm a horse that is fearful of small spaces. Dividers are removable, which allows extra room for equipment or tack.

Some of the Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

As you can see, every pre-owned horse trailer has certain advantages. What you choose will be based on what you can afford and your personal preferences. You can learn more about your options along these lines by reviewing the horse trailers that have been preowned online. Do you prefer a straight-load or slant-load trailer? How many horses will you be hauling? Some trailers are designed to carry two lightweight horses. Others are more compact. The material used for the trailer should be considered too.

Who to Contact About Buying a Pre-Owned Trailer

To find out more about pre-owned trailers, visit or contact SOM Trailer Sales online. Direct your inquiries to a knowledgeable representative today.

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