Shifting Problems That Can Develop With a Vehicle Transmission in Chicago

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Automotive

An older vehicle may begin to develop transmission malfunctions at some point. One symptom is the transmission not shifting smoothly from one gear to another or into reverse. Sometimes shifting into a different gear will not happen at all. The owner may bring the car to automotive technicians who can repair or replace a transmission in Chicago.

Possible Issues

Many underlying issues lead to this type of shifting problem. The vacuum modulator valve may be malfunctioning, for example. There may be a problem with the speed sensor or the solenoid. The device may be leaking fluid, resulting in such a low level that shifting is difficult.

In the worst-case scenario, the transmission is failing or has already failed. A technician would need to rebuild the equipment by replacing the worn parts or install a remanufactured transmission in Chicago.

Important Considerations

Ignoring shifting difficulties could eventually lead to a hazardous situation on the road or could cause damage to other vehicle components. When the transmission cannot swiftly shift, the engine revs higher than it should. When gears slip while driving, the car may lurch and drop in traveling speed for a moment. A situation might develop in which the automobile will not move above first gear, leaving the driver having to travel along a highway at a very slow speed.

Making a Decision

Rebuilding and replacing the transmission are two of the more expensive tasks for vehicle repair. The owner must decide whether to junk the car or have it repaired at S-O-S Transmissions, a shop that can be learned about at

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