The Best Central California Wedding and Vacation Accommodations

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Weddings

People who are looking for the best place to travel or vacation, California has more than a few truly remarkable spots. Since the entire state borders the ocean, locations to enjoy breathtaking views and fresh ocean air are plentiful.

Best Regions in the State

Many people looking for special places to visit in the state seek out areas that are well known for breathtaking ocean views, quaint towns, and lovely accommodations. One of the best areas for this is central California. The region allows for easy access to other areas of the state but offers one of the best for beauty and sightseeing.

Hot Spots for Vacations and Celebrations

Of all the areas in central California, Monterey is well known to be one of the best locations for vacations and special celebrations. This includes a significant annual amount of coastal weddings in Monterey celebrations as the area accommodations in Monterey are some of the most beautiful in the state.

The region is one of the oldest populated locations in the state and offers significant historical sightseeing spots as well as abundant nature preserves, parks, ocean wildlife experiences, shops, and boutiques, as well as ample dining venues that boast everything from award-winning cuisine to casual dining. Because the area is laid back, guests for special celebrations can enjoy all the beauty of California without all the chaos in other areas of the state.

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