Showcase Your Kitchen With Quartz Countertops

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Home Improvement

One of the wonderful things about completing a home renovation in Minneapolis is the opportunity to pick the ideal materials for each part of the home. In the kitchen and bathroom, the choice of countertops can make a significant difference to the overall look and ambiance of a room.

Natural stone is always a popular choice for countertops. However, natural stone only comes in so many colors and patterns. The limits of the colors and patterns are controlled by the minerals and the process of forming the stone. How the stone is cut into slabs also impacts the color and pattern on any give countertop area.

The Quartz Solution

The choice of quartz countertops allows you to create just the look you want. These countertops are made with up to 95% quartz mineral and approximately 5% resin. The resin holds the ground and aggregate quartz in place while also creating an impenetrable and very durable surface that never needs sealing.

The addition of resin allows the addition of color, creating vivid blues, reds, oranges, and striking combinations of colors that bring the quartz countertops to the center of focus. This is an ideal way to add drama, color, and style to both small and large kitchens and bathrooms in any Minneapolis home.

Intense Patterns

The choice of quartz countertops with intense or distinctive patterns is also an ideal way to showcase the room. Combinations of earthy colors or black and white are a perfect addition to natural wood or painted cabinets and cupboards in any room of the home.

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