The Right Fitness Routine Is Within Your Worldwide Genetic Profile

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Health Care

Modern humans spend much more time sitting than our ancestors ever did. Back in the old days, people got all of the exercise they needed working around the home and farm. But today, people are left with a myriad of exercise routines that are often not well suited to them. If you have ever wanted a fitness advice report tailored just for you, genetic science has it.

While most people know that genetic testing can reveal a person’s ancestry, they don’t know that it can also reveal their natural fitness levels. The science of sports genetics studies the genetic profiles of elite, professional athletes. There are a surprising number of genetic markers that indicate your natural levels of strength and endurance. It’s a rapidly growing field that has wider applications for the general public.

Some of your personal genetic traits include your athletic endurance, strength, and speed. With this information in hand, a genetic analysis company can put together a fitness advice report just for you. The report can include recommendations for aerobic training and resistance training for building power and muscles.

The fact is, some people are built for running, while others are built for walking. Some people can quickly build muscle while others must take their time. Knowing what you are built for can guide you to the right type of exercise for your body type. That can ultimately make your fitness routine a success.

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