Sizing, Material and Stretch: How to Buy Gymnastics Leotards for Girls

If you are shopping for gymnastics leotards online, you may be struggling with finding the best fit for your child. After all, it is difficult to know the exact sizing of leotards. In addition to this, fabrics can look very different online than in person. However, you can avoid buyer’s remorse by following a few strategies. Read on to discover them below.

Size Up When in Doubt

Buying the right size of gymnastics leotards for girls, especially younger ones, is difficult to do regardless of whether you are shopping in person or online. As a general rule of thumb, consider purchasing leotards in one size larger than usual. This is help avoid fit issues and enable your child to grow into the leotard. As a result, she will be able to get more use out of it in the long run.

Look for Cotton Material

Cotton is the leading material for gymnastics leotards for girls, and for good reasons. It is comfortable, breathable and longer-lasting than synthetic fabrics such as polyester. When purchasing leotards online, be sure to check the fabric content. Cotton blends such as with spandex are a good option if you feel like your child may need the extra stretch. Many manufacturers also produce spandex only leotards, but these may not last as long as their cotton counterparts. Caring for cotton leotards is also simple as most do not require special care such as dry cleaning. Since they can be washed and dried at home, you can look forward to saving time and money in the long run.

Gymnastics leotards come in all sorts of fabrics and fun patterns. However, it is challenging to purchase them online. Armed with these best practices, you can avoid regretting your purchase and ensure that your child has the right fit and amount of stretch she needs to perform her best.

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