Water Company in Lawrence KS Delivers Fresh Pure Water

When employees are working, the safest and freshest-tasting drinking water is very important to them. Water helps alleviate morning and afternoon headaches and it’s very important for young children at school to be able to get a glass of cool water during their recess break. People living in various cities of the United States are experiencing devastating effects of lead in their municipal water supply. Officials are making sure that they have bottled water that’s up to date and pure to drink while they’re contemplating what to do to handle the situation. Today, pure, good tasting water can be delivered to residences, factories, business offices, health care facilities, and schools.

Water Delivery Companies

Lindyspring Systems is a Water Company in Lawrence KS that delivers a monthly supply of water to customers on various delivery dates chosen by the consumer. When the bottles are empty, they can be set outside the door for the delivery man to exchange them with full bottles. There are two different size cups for patrons and employees to place under the cooler’s flipper and fill with this great-tasting healthful glass of water. One is the 4.25-ounce cone-shaped cup and the other one is a 7-ounce flat bottom paper cup.

Residence Use is Very Popular

Homeowners like the fact that family members always have the purest water delivered by this Water Company in Lawrence KS at their disposal. Children, parents, pets, fish, birds, indoor plants and the entire family never have to worry about chemicals lurking within every glass of water. Keeping children away from water laced with lead is very important since their bodies and brains are growing. Those living in older homes should make a point of having their water checked for lead and then ordering their water from this high-quality Water Company in Lawrence KS.

Other Products for Sale

Naturally, other products are also available for purchase from this water supply company. They have sanitizers, water softeners, crocks, stands, and various types of coolers for consumers to choose from. The bottled water is also available in various size containers, from 5-gallon bottles, 1-liter bottles, and 20-ounce personal size bottles that are usually delivered once a month.

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