Supporting Growers’ Plans Through Ag Technology Applications in Covington, TN

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Agricultural service

Leading agronomy specialists team up with farmers to improve productivity through the use of ag technology tools. Continuing investment in training and updated technology keeps farmers at the forefront of production agriculture, helping them farm smarter and maximize ROI.

Ag Technology’s Promise

While the promise of farming technology in Covington TN, has shown potential for some time, real results often remain below expectations. Local ag-tech-focused teams, however, combining traditional agronomics with today’s advances, can realize potential. Even now, ag-tech plays a part in most areas of farming.

Precision Agriculture

Captured field data unlocks knowledge and informs management decisions and input adjustments that show a notable difference. Modified management across fields can minimize input costs while leading to continuous improvement.

Ag Tech Services

Service providers for farming technology bundle related services and products that help farmers get an overall view of operations and recognize clear directions to take. These services can include:

  • Assessment – including field mapping and tissue and soil sampling.
  • Data Collection and Consulting – involving seasonal data collection and consultation on recommended practices based on the data.
  • Implementation – executing customized plans according to precision planting, variable rate technology or prescriptions.

Ag-Technology-Focused Teams

Ag tech specialists assess how farmers operate and look for ways to profitably implement relevant technologies. Key study areas may include a farm’s primary goals, how to best collect data and the potential compatibility of existing equipment with data collection. By determining specific goals, farming tech specialists help find ways in which technology can support their plans.

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