The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof in Mandan, ND

Roofing is often one of the last decisions made when building a home and it is often neglected by homeowners, since the roof is only seen at a glance. The roof is a house’s main defense against storms and debris from above. When you have to decide what roof or roof replacement is needed, take your safety into account as much as price or aesthetics. Consider building a metal roof, which is one of the most durable roofs you can build.


The biggest negative factor for roofs made out of aluminium or steel is probably the expensive price. The initial price of the material often puts people off into looking at other roofing choices. Another weakness is how easily dents are made in the roof when hail storms or tree limbs fall on the house. While this is not a concern for some people, those who live in stormy and forested areas can find their roof with dents everywhere. It is also more difficult to walk upon a metal roof when it’s wet. The slippery surface of the roof can be dangerous and requires additional precautions when traversing upon.

The noise that a metal roof in Mandan, ND makes when in the rainy seasons can be a con or a plus. It depends on whether or not you enjoy the loud echoing drops of rain on metal.


The biggest reason people will install metal roofs is for their strength. These are roofs that will last from between 20 to 50 years and are non-combustible. If painted, the color will stay for 30 years if done well. Metal roofs are very lightweight and are easy to install. The sheets of metal reflect sunlight and will save you from having to use your air conditioner quite so much, which is a huge benefit in sunny climates in the long run.

It does depend on your situation, but a roof made from metal is a lasting benefit.

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