Making Outdoor Dreams Come True With a Swimming Pool in Long Island, NY

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Swimming Pools

Even though the weather is chilly or downright cold for many months of the year east of New York City, many homeowners still want an outdoor Swimming Pool in Long Island NY. For some, it’s a dream come true, since they enjoy having that backyard oasis and love to swim.


It’s true there are some aspects of owning an outdoor swimming pool that could be considered downsides. An in-ground pool is an expensive home improvement feature to have installed. The water requires regular maintenance in the form of sanitizing, chemical balancing, and removal of organic debris. In this climate, the pool and its equipment must be winterized, and work must be done to get it ready for summer. And, since not everyone wants to own a swimming pool, that can affect how fast the house sells when it eventually is listed for sale.

An Easy Decision

Nevertheless, for people who love swimming and have kids who enjoy playing in the water, this decision is an easy one. They may even want to have higher-end features built or installed for their swimming pool in Long Island NY. Examples include a slide or a waterfall. A ledge, also called an underwater bench, for lounging in shallow water can also be included.

Size and Shape

The pool size and shape depend to a certain extent on the available yard space. Some property owners need a relatively narrow pool, while others can have a wider rectangular or oval shape. More unusual shapes also are available in swimming pool design from a contractor like Sky Blue Pools. The customer and contractor work together to decide on an ideal structure for the property.

Routine Maintenance

If regular maintenance is too much of a hassle for the household, they can have technicians from the installation company do the work. Chemical balancing usually is done weekly, but some adjustments might be needed after a heavy rain if the pool is not covered. Chemical balancing may also be necessary if the pool gets some unusually heavy use, such as when the family has a big party. Visit to get started.

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