Contractors Providing Air Conditioning Services in Sylvania OH Help Customers Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Installation of a central air system by one of the Air Conditioning Services in Sylvania OH can help a family significantly reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma. They feel better not only because of this, but because climate control on hot days is more comfortable. Central air has proved to be very beneficial for a household’s overall well-being.

Air Filters

A high-quality air filter traps tiny particles that are allergens for many individuals. Pollen and mold spores are two of the most common that circulate through the air after entering from outside. These substances get in through window screens and are also brought in by people and their pets. One strategy for reducing the amount of these allergens is to have everyone remove their shoes at the door. Beyond that, an appropriate air filter will block a very large percentage of allergens as the air circulates back to the appliance.

Air Purifiers

Companies that provide Air Conditioning Services in Sylvania OH also can install a separate air purifier that provides additional filtration when someone in the family is very sensitive to a particular allergen. It’s impossible to prevent these substances from drifting into the home altogether, especially at certain times of the year. Throughout spring and summer, various plants release abundant pollen. In fall, mold becomes more of an issue because of all the dead leaves lying on the ground.

Additional Methods

Getting rid of carpeting in the home is another effective method for reducing allergy symptoms since allergens tend to become trapped in the fibers. If this is not an acceptable solution, buying a top-rated vacuum cleaner and using it every day is advisable. Throw rugs can be shaken out daily and washed every week or two.

A dehumidifier in the basement is also important for controlling moisture levels. Although central air conditioning reduces humidity throughout the house, it may not be enough for a damp basement.

Annual Maintenance

Having annual maintenance done on the system by a contractor such as Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning also is crucial for keeping the appliance clean. Visit .com for details on installation and maintenance service.

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