Understanding the Difference Between Auto Body Repair and Auto Repair

There are many people out there who assume that “auto repair” and “auto body repair” are exactly the same thing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you have brakes that need replacing, you might wonder whether auto body specialists can handle it. On the other side of the coin, you might be curious whether an auto repair shop can help with nicks and scratches in your paint. Today we’ll be looking at the difference between these two businesses.

What an Auto Repair Shop is All About

When you visit an auto repair shop, the technicians inside can help you with electrical and mechanical repairs that your vehicle needs. For example, this is where you’d want to go if your transmission goes out, your tail light gets busted, or your oil needs to be changed. If something needs attention that is an internal component of the vehicle, an auto repair shop is exactly where you want to be.

What Auto Body Repair Means

Auto body repair shops are totally different from an auto repair business. Instead of focusing on the internal parts of your vehicle, the body of the car is repaired. This means everything from the frame to the windows, doors, roof, fenders, trunk, hood, and bumpers. If you have an issue with the shell or exterior of your car, this is the sort of work that an auto body place can take care of for you.

Why the Body of Your Vehicle Matters

If you find yourself in a collision or accident, you probably immediately begin to worry about your engine and other internal parts of your car. You want to be sure the transmission, suspension, engine, and other crucial parts are still in working order. If this isn’t the case, your vehicle will no longer run properly. However, exterior blemishes and damages should also be taken care of. If the frame of your car is damaged, it can cause it to be unsafe. Those who do auto body repairs can take care of the damaged paint, dents, and scratches so your car looks great again.

At Dynasty Collision, we offer auto body work to ensure your car looks and runs at its best. We offer dent repair, frame straightening, alignments, painting, and more. You can find out more and get in touch with us by visiting www.DynastyCollision.com

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