What’s The Difference Between General Dentists And Periodontal Dentists In Kankakee?

During your last check-up with your dentist, did you get informed that you need the help of a periodontist? Often, many people get confused as to why there are some specialties in the dental arena. We will detail the differences between a periodontal dentist and a general dentist to help you catch the drift.


Both general dentists and periodontal dentists in Kankakee, IL, are trained in dental school to help promote excellent oral health. However, a periodontal dentist will complete dental school and further specialize in periodontal diseases and treatment for about two or three years.


Typically, a general dentist conducts regular dental check-ups and cleanings, treating cavities and other common dental problems. If your dental problem becomes too severe for a general dentist to handle, you will be referred to a specialist. Periodontal dentists in Kankakee, IL, just happen to be one of these specialists. A periodontist focuses on treating issues affecting the bones and tissues surrounding teeth. They specialize in treating and preventing tooth loss and gum diseases.

Do you need to see a periodontist?

Making the decision as to if you need to see a periodontist can be quite confusing. Only a dentist can determine if you need expert help on periodontal dentists in Kankakee, IL.

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