Three Recovery Tips for Healing After Eye Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Eye Care Center

If you’re going for a laser cataract surgery in Oahu or any other kind of laser eye surgery, you know that the procedures are very common nowadays. People look at laser eye surgery as a relatively easy way to deal with and correct their vision issues. While these surgeries are pretty straightforward, there are things that you can do to help yourself through the recovery process after the surgery is completed. Some of those tips include the following.

Wear Your Eye Shields

After the surgery, your doctor will give you eye shields or goggles. Make sure that you wear these for the first couple of nights after the surgery. Their purpose is to help prevent you from touching your eyes while you’re sleeping.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Get as much sleep as you can. Sleep is your body’s way of restoring itself. After eye surgery, it’s the perfect way for your eyes to get the rest that they need so they can heal and rejuvenate. To know more, click here.

Use Your Eye Drops

Your doctor will give you eye drops after your surgery. It is extremely important that you take them as they are a critical part of your after surgery care, helping your eyes continue to heal. Before putting them in, wash your hands thoroughly so that you don’t transfer dirt or grime into your eye. Doing so could raise the risk of infection.

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