When Do You Need Help Caring For Your Senior Parent in Sun City West, AZ?

As your parents reach their senior years, their health can start to decline a little faster than when they were younger. Even the healthiest people become physically weak and suffer some cognitive decline as they age. While you may be able to care for your parents yourself in the beginning, it’s important to recognize when you’ll need the help that a 24 hour home care in Sun City West, AZ, can provide.

You’re Always Running Late

If you seem to be running out of time to get everything done on a regular basis, this is an indication that you’ve taken on more than you can comfortably handle. Think about how much of your time and effort that goes in to taking care of your elderly parent. If you’re spending most of your time in this regard, you probably need some help . Even a caregiver who looks after your parent on a part-time basis can alleviate some of this pressure and provide you with the much-needed time to handle your own matters.

You Lose Patience With Your Parent

If you feel overly stressed, tense, or overwhelmed, you may not have the right mindset to care for your senior parent, and that’s okay. This situation can manifest itself by causing you to lose patience with your parent. Rather than making your parent feel bad for needing your help or feeling frustrated with yourself, hiring a 24 hour home care in Sun City West, AZ, can improve the situation for everyone involved.

Your Parent Requires Constant Supervision

Cognitive decline becomes a bigger problem when it leads to dementia and sundowner syndrome. An elderly parent who suffers from this type of condition will become confused, agitated, and frustrated when they can’t remember how to perform simple tasks. They will also wander off without telling anyone. These symptoms grow worse in the evenings, so you will need someone to pay closer attention to your senior parent at these times.

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