Why Do Some Types of Churches Call Themselves Non-Denominational?

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Church

Whether you grew up in a church or not, you may be confused when you hear the term “non-denominational.” After all, doesn’t a denomination give a church its identity and help guide its beliefs? If this term seems strange to you, be comforted because you’re not alone in your confusion. To help make sense of this term, here are a few insights about what non-denominational churches in Jacksonville, FL, and elsewhere, have in common.

True to the Bible

The main reason that a church chooses to be non-denominational is to break free from any traditions that are associated with a specific denomination. While traditions aren’t necessarily bad, they can get in the way of worship if they are allowed to dictate everything that’s done in a service. Non-denominational churches in Jacksonville, FL, therefore, choose specifically to allow everything they do to be dictated solely by the Bible.

Open to All

If you have a background in a specific denomination, a non-denominational church can make a great church home for you. If you grew up Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, or as a part of some other denomination, you will likely find familiar elements and some new ones when you attend a non-denominational church.

The beauty in this is everyone in a church like this comes from a diversity of backgrounds, meaning there is beauty in the unity found only in Christ. This tends to create a stronger congregation that is focused solely on building the Kingdom of God.

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