Experience a Sense of Belonging at Destiny Community Church in Honolulu

Victor Hugo writes in Notre Dame de Paris about the incredible psychological and cultural force a church such as Notre Dame can have upon its community from one generation to the next. Times change, people are born and people die, the inequities of life are great – and yet, for all of that, Notre Dame remains and, as a result, a little piece of all the people of Paris who have had a relationship to that building and all it represents lives on in something resonant, exquisite, and eternal.

In its own humble way, Destiny Community Church at Wolhawaii.com attempts to embody that same ideal for its congregation. Churches have historically played a huge role in the lives of those who attend its services and make up its communities, and this church is no exception.

Feel a sense of belonging when you experience Destiny Community Church in Honolulu.

A Commitment to the Community

One of the most solemn and gratifying tasks any church can take on is that of bettering its community. Destiny Community Church resolves to do just that by engaging in volunteer work within the community throughout the year. From food and clothing drives to volunteer work in cleaning up and building parts of the community, this church strives to do its part to give back to the community it is proud to call its own.

Youth Groups

In addition to that community service, a church such as Destiny Community Church is proud to be able to offer youth groups in which parents can enroll their children. These groups strive to help nurture children’s artistic gifts while giving them a safe and wholesome place to stay and feel a sense of belonging.

Discover the lasting communal power of Destiny Community Church with its ways of making its presence felt in the lives of so many. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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