3 Most Common Types of Custom Fabrication in Phoenix AZ

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Automotive

Many people really love their cars and want them to remain in a top notch condition. One way to make a car reflect the owner’s personality is by customizing and modifying it. The best way to make sure your car stands out from the rest is by hiring professional auto fabrication services. Whether you’re getting a valuable car ready for a car show, auction or just personal enjoyment, custom fabrication can prove to be very beneficial. Here are the three most common types of Custom Fabrication in Phoenix AZ.

Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Custom exhaust fabrication is typically done to improve the torque or horsepower. The type of exhaust fabrication largely determines whether you’ll get a deep and steady hum or a thundering roar coming out from the rear of the vehicle. A custom exhaust fabrication may entail relocating the exhaust so as to clear obstacles, such as the inner fender. It requires a highly experienced mechanic to relocate or redesign an exhaust system without restricting airflow. The more quickly gasses are expelled from the engine, the better the engine will perform.

Custom Frame Modification

A rusted frame is a common problem in most old vehicles. A custom frame fabrication can be done to fix a rusty frame. Although frame modifications can be a little complex, they can accomplish big changes especially if done correctly. Most frame modifications are done together with body modification to achieve excellent results. Frame modification can only be done by a highly talented and qualified mechanic.

Custom Body Fabrication

A professional mechanic can build or customize anybody style to accommodate any vehicle, whether an off-road vehicle, safari coach, antique car or a car for everyday driving. As for trucks, an experienced mechanic can install brush guards, wheel well extensions as well as toolboxes for a custom look. Custom fabrication can also be done for interior restoration. Whether you have broken seats, damaged gauges, or a cracked dash, a trained mechanic can fabricate the parts you need.

These are just some of the most common types of Custom Fabrication in Phoenix AZ. For the best custom auto fabrication services, contact the specialists at Cordes Performance Racing.

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